About us

About us

This is our About us Page.

Sipla TV is a news brand that is providing the latest news since 2020. we get started from our youtube channel named as “Sipla TV” in 2020. at the end of 2020, we closed our youtube channel and now we started our work again. But this time, we changed our platform. we shifted from a youtube channel to our personal website having the domain of  ” www.siplatv.com “.

Facebook Page

We also owned a Facebook page named “Sipla TV“.

About Our Owner And Team

About us
About us

Sipla TV owner is a guy from Pakistan. You can easily approach him by contact us. Sipla TV is being run by experienced staff. There are five team members that are well trained and experienced. if someone wants to work with us, we will warmly welcome him. Just hit a message to us.

About Our Privacy Policy

We respect everyone’s privacy and we also made a special Privacy Policy. You can easily read our Privacy Policy.

Our Coverage

We will be providing the most recent news about everything you want to read. Most of our focus will be on an emergency or critical situations. we will be covering worldwide news but will give priority to Asia’s News. You will see in-depth coverage of every news topic. we will show you the image of both sides in every situation. Providing true news is our responsibility.

Our most of coverage will be in the English language but we will also use Hindi and Urdu sometimes as well. The pictures and videos of every news will also be shared here.
We will also share our own reviews on every topic and we will talk about every trending talk about anyone. We offer promotion as well so if you want to promote yourself, your business or your web/channel, or anything else. You can contact us.