Acharya Swami Dharmendra Passed Away at 79

Acharya Swami Dharmendra Passed Away

Acharya Swami Dharmendra Passed away. He was a Hindu leader who was a great supporter of the Ram temple movement. The reason for Acharya Swami Dharmendra is Intestinal Ailment.

How did Acharya Swami Dharmendra Passed Away?

Acharya Swami Dharmendra was feeling unwell since last month. He was in SMS hospital for the last two days. His condition was so critical. Many politicians were informed about his health condition and they reached the hospital for him. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla were also told about the condition of Acharya Swami Dharmendra a few days ago.

Today early in the morning of 19 September 2022, his situation was out of control with doctors. in the end, the doctor of SMS Hospital confirmed that Acharya Swami Dharmendra Passed away in Jaipur on 19 September 2022.

Services of Acharya Swami Dharmendra

He was the man who leads the movement for the ram temple. He did a lot of hard work for this moment. He spend many days on this movement and also made much progress. He face many difficulties in this movement but he did not make the step back.

He was running many welfare organizations for Indian Public welfare. He worked hard for India to make progress. He changed the thinking of the Indian public in many societies. He spread the message of love, live, and let live.

As the case of Babri Masjid Demolition was raised, he was the first person to oppose it. He was ready to fight for it as well. He said that he will do a movement against it and it will be in front of everyone. Everybody will be informed about this and I am also not scared of any type of punishment.

He was also working for Indians living in foreign and they know him as a hero. He worked for him very well. He made it easier for them.

Revolution by Aacharya Swami Dharmendra

The thinking of His brings a change in the thinking of many societies of Indians in India and overseas Indians as well. As he bring change in the thinking of society, so he was very well known for change in India. The main screen media give him a lot of Hype as well. This revolution made many changes in the history of India and also made many changes in the progress of India. This will lead India to high-level Progress in less time.

Family of Aacharya Swami Dharmendra

Acharya Swami was Married at an early age in his life. His wife was Somdera’s wife. He Away leaving behind the two young sons. His daughter-in-law of Him is now the CEO of the Samaj Kalyan Board in the Gehlot Government

Aacharya Today News

His Today Death News Spread like a fire in the Indian community. He was a symbol of peace for them. This is very shocking and sad news for his family and fans, especially for the Indian community. Many celebrities and Indian politicians and also many welfare organizations express their sadness on this sad news. Everybody who is born will die someday. This is God’s Plan. Humans can’t do anything in this matter without prayer for the victim.

We also the whole team of Sipla TV Solute to him for his welfare works for the Indian and Muslim community in India. You guys will be keep updated about more Indian heroes on our website. So just press the bell icon given on the right downside of the page to get notifications about our upcoming news.

The video Source is News18 Rajasthan

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