American Singer Marva Hicks Passed Away at 47

American Singer Marva Hicks Passed Away at 47

Heartbreaking, another One of the most famous singers in the world who has died, yes I am talking American R&B Singer and actress Marva Hicks. She wrote a lot of famous songs such as “Never Been in Love Before”. This song was the superhit song of her collection. Jimmy Scott was the producer of this song. She was a young lady but She died yesterday night.

How did Singer Marva Hicks Passed Away?

She was Undertreamtent in hospital from last Sunday. Yesterday she was better but at late night, her health condition start becoming critical. Doctors start working on her to recover but God wants something else. She died at 11:30 pm on Saturday night 17 September 2022.

Who was Singer Marva Hicks?

Marva Hicks was an American R&B Singer. She sings many songs in her career. She was one of the top-rated singers at some times. She was also an actress. She did acting in many movies. She was a well-talented singer with an actress. She was also connected with Polydor as well. But now, Singer Marva Hicks passed away late at night.

The career of Singer Marva Hicks

She started singing in her school life. So she started her career singing from an early age. She did many local concerts. The start of their career was too tough for her but she work hard and work with full consistency. In 1996, she performed for the first time as a background singer. It was a free concert by Michal Jackson. This concert was also a booster for her career as many royal families and many other well-known people joined that concert.

Marva Hicks performed at the concert as a background singer but she sings the part of the song “I Can’t Stop Loving You”. After this, she sang many songs and just get started hitting milestones one by one. The song “Never Been In Love Before” was the super hit song of her whole career.

She started acting as well and in the movie “The Lion King” she performed as Rafika one of the leading actresses of that movie. Then he took acting and singing together and made progress on daily basis.

Marva Hicks Family and Net-Worth

She was unmarried and she was not dating anyone as well. She lived with her parents. She belongs to a poor family but soon she changed the status of her family through her hard work in the music industry.

Golden Words for Singer Marva Hicks Passed Away

Her sudden death is a very huge loss for her family, her fans, and especially for the music industry of America. Many celebrities including many big singers and big actors and actresses send condolences to her family. The family of Sipla TV also pray that the fan and family of singer Marva hicks who are shocked by her sudden death of her may get over it soon. The loss of Singer Marva Hicks is a big empty bucket in the Music Industry of America that can’t be refilled.

Singer Marva Hicks Passed Away
Singer Marva Hicks Passed Away

This is not a huge loss for the music industry because it is also a big loss for the film industry as she was a great actress in the look of singer. She was multi-talented.

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