Belarus Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei dies at 64

Belarus Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei dies at 64

Belarus’s foreign minister Vladimir Makei has died at the age of 64. It was a sudden death that was the biggest shock for the entire nation.

Early Life of Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei

‘’Friendly Approach’’ to Ukraine According to the official Bio on the Foreign Ministry website of Vladimir Makei was born in 1958 in the Grodno region

Services of Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei dies

He completed his graduation in 1980 from the Minsk State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages. From the era of 1980 to 1993, Makei served in the Armed Forces of Belarus and USSR, before being appointed as an assistant to the president of Belarus.

From 2008 to 2012, Makei served for his country as head of the administration of Belarus’s president. And he served as a Minister of Foreign Affairs since August 22, 2012, in Belarus. He served as the diplomatic rank of Plenipotentiary and Ambassador Extraordinary. In the lead-up to the invasion of Russia in February, Makei highlighted that nobody would attack Ukraine from Belarus’s territory.

It was stated during a telephonic conversation between the defense ministry of Ukraine and Belarus. And according to the report of Belta (Belarusian news agency), it was re-iterated by Vladimir Makei at Minsk’s press conference. Minister stated that this telephonic conversation was taken place on the inventiveness of Kyiv. He also insisted that Belarus continuously stands for a visual dialogue.

Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei
Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei

And it is always prepared to conduct it on any sensitive matters. ‘’The matters were discussed in a very polite and positive manner.

Most of them were clarified for both sides, mainly for the Ukrainian side. The minister said in his comments, ‘’ a declaration was clearly made that nobody was going to attack from our side.’’ And several days later, these comments were proved wrong.

He also included in his statement that in relation with Ukraine, Belarus has never deceased from the friendly approach. After becoming the foreign minister in 2012, Vladimir Makei had been for many years in the circle of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. Earlier, Vladimir served as an assistant and later as a staff chief to Lukashenko,

Family of Vladimir Makei

The family of Vladimir Makei was too short. According to the website of the ministry‘s biography that says Makei was married and had 3 children

condolence on Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei dies

Vladimir Makei had planned to meet with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov from Russia on Monday. The Russian Foreign Minister said in his statement on Makei’s death, ‘’ it was mourning the news of the sudden death of Makei, describing him as a Russian’s True Friend. In a statement of Russian Foreign Ministers, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov sent condolence to Makei’s wife through Telegram.

According to this, ‘’the staff and leadership of Russia’s ministry of foreign affairs extremely mourn on the unexpected death of the minister of foreign affairs of Belarus Vladimir Makei on November 26.’’ the declaration read. ‘’Makei, an outstanding and brilliant statesman and envoy, was a real patriot who devoted his life to his Motherland.

His Unremarkable Services and Vladimir Vladimirovich Makei

He served his country and protected the welfare of his Motherland in the global arena has died today. ‘’Vladimir Vladimirovich Makei was a Russian’s True Friend who will remain in the hearts of people as a man of profound wisdom and broad soul, an outstanding professional, colleague and a true comrade, he not only earned the respect and love of citizens but also the love of people outside Belarus borders.’’

The Foreign Ministry of Russia confirmed that Lavrov’s planned official visit to Minsk on Monday that had been postponed due to the sudden death of Vladimir Makei.

Expressions on Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei dies

The foreign ministry of the country said, ‘’Foreign Minister of Belarus named Vladimir Makei has died suddenly today.’’ The foreign ministry announced this news through its official Facebook account. And he did not provide any aspect of the situations surrounding the death of the foreign minister. The ministry also posted Makei’s picture on Twitter, with a caption in English that ‘’he has passed away’’ and did not said that how or where he died. He was just 64.

In addition, Belarus’s President Alexander Lukashenko also expressed his sympathies to Vladimir’s family and friends on Saturday.

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