Pakistani Kabaadi Player Muzammil Boota Passed Away at 35

Pakistani Kabaadi Player Muzammil Boota Passed Away

Shocking news from Pakistan Kabaadi that Pakistani Kabaadi player Muzammil Boota passed away. Muzammil Boota was a famous player of Pakistani Kabaadi. He died today in the hospital in Faislabad.

How did Muzammil Boota Passed Away?

Muzammil Boota was a famous Kabaadi player of the Pakistan National Kabaadi Team. He was doing his practice for his upcoming matches when he got a heart attack. Then he shifted to a hospital in the evening time. His death news has been confirmed by his family at 7:00 pm on 18 September 2022. The time and date of his Namaz e Janazah will be announced soon and we will keep updating you at Sipla TV.

The career of Muzammil Boota

Muzammil Boota was born in the city where Kabaadi is a well-famous sport. He took interest in Kabaadi from an early age. After doing Matric, He took a start to his career at this young age of his life. He worked hard and do a lot of practice. He started playing local level Matches of Kabaadi. Then he go to many district-level and province-level tournaments that are being held in Pakistan at that time. He worked hard and won a lot of matches and tournaments. He won many trophies including the man of the tournament award.

He was also selected for the National Kabaadi Team of Pakistan. Then he worked hard there and go for practice from trained coaches of Kabbadi. This helped him a lot. He also plays many international level matches by representing Pakistan. He rise the name of Pakistan in International Kabbadi Cup by giving a good performance.

Muzammil Boota Death News

The death news of Pakistani Kabaadi Player Muzammil Boot has been confirmed by his own family.

Muzammil Boota Family

Muzammil Boota belongs to a middle-class family living in Faisalabad, Pakistan. He worked hard and won many matches and being selected for the Pakistani National Kabbadi Team changes the living standard and status of his family.

Condolences of Muzammil Boota Death

Many players of Kabaadi from Pakistan and foreign pay Condolences to the family of Muzaamil Boota for his death. This is very sad news for his fans and family but especially it is a very huge loss for the Pakistani National Kabaadi Team. This loss made a huge Empty Bucket in the Kabaadi Team of Pakistan that can’t be Full filled again by anyone. We pray for him and his family that May Allah forgive him for his sins, and May his soul rest in peace and patience for his family. (Ameen)

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