Rapper PnB Rock Shot Killed at 30 at South Los Angeles restaurant

Rapper PnB Rock Shot Killed at 30 at a South Los Angeles restaurant

PnB Rock, the Philadelphia rapper well famous for his 2016 hit rap “Selfish,” was fatally shot during a stealing at the Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles restaurant in South Los Angeles. He was the one of best rappers in Philadelphia.

How did Rapper PnB Rock Shot Killed?

It is said by Los Angeles Police Department, that the 30-year-old Philadelphia rapper, real name Rakim Allen, was shot “multiple times” at the Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles location on Manchester. local time. PnB was with his girlfriend at Roscoe’s, with social media users noting she had posted a geotagged image of her meal to Instagram in a since-deleted post.

“when he was reached by one suspect he was getting some meal,” LAPD Officer Norma Eisenman told to Rolling Stone, noting that the “suspect asked for items” from the rapper. And then all this happened.

The rapper was taken to an area hospital, where he died at 1:59 p.m and leave his girlfriend and fans alone. As of now, LAPD officials haven’t named a suspect in the case due to slow and irresponsible work— but some of our sources previously told us that PnB may have been shooted for his jewelry.

The rapper PnB shot video is given below.

Reanna Moore was at home a few blocks away when she heard about the shooting via social media and run away. She’s a fan of rapper PnB and felt safe approaching the building because police were there already. Reanna Moore says “It was a lot of blood, like a puddle. I saw blood everywhere, it was very hard to see some on being killed” Moore, 18, says to Rolling Stone. “It’s crazy. I was really looking for he would make it. He was so young.”

“It was a common place for many people. They come here all the time and  get their food and leave. The rapper gets a meal there with his girlfriend. And she posted about it. I guess that’s L.A. for you. You can’t believe people,” Moore’s mate Sheldon Thomspon, 21, said. (They run over to the spot together.) “I’m just shocked. I’m such a big fan. He had a really bright future.”

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Rapper PnB Rock Shot Killed
Rapper PnB Rock

Rapper PnB rock dead at shooting at roscoes chicken Los Angeles times. Many celebrities and actors in Philadelphia visit that place but this restaurant wasn’t good for rapper PnB.

Philadelphia Rapper PnB Rock career

PnB Rock was a Philadelphia rapper but he was well known all around the world. when he was in jail, he wrote the Real N*gga Bangaz mixtape in 2014 and it got successful. The rapper was signed with Atlantic Records in 2015.  He signed with Nicki Minaj on “Fendi,” a syrupy Murda Beatz, and made a single that helped promote Minaj’s Fendi Prints On fashion gathering.

Just a week ago, PnB Rock tells media personality DJ Akademiks, that he remembered a previous incident that happened “mid-pandemic” during which someone unsuccessfully tried to steal him while happen to visit L.A. with his girlfriend and daughter.

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