Why Did Actress Deepa Aka Pauline Jessica do Suicide at 29?

Why Did Actress Deepa Aka Pauline Jessica do Suicide?

Deepa Aka Pauline Jessica was a famous Tamil actress who recently did suicide. Before doing suicide, she also left a letter in her diary in which she explained the reason why did actress Deepa Aka Pauline Jessica do suicide? What was written in that suicide letter? we will share that below

Who was Deepa Aka Pauline Jessica?

Pauline Jessica with the stage name of Deepa Aka was a Tamil actress. She was famous after doing roles in ‘Thupparivalan’, and ‘Vaaitha’, She was now living in Chennai. She was 29 years old. She was a very well-known actress in Bollywood. She was born in 1992 in Tamil Nadu, Chennai. Tamil Nadu, Chennai was the hometown of Deepa Aka Pauline Jessica.

The career of Actress Deepa Aka Pauline Jessica

Actress Deepa Aka Pauline Jessica started her career at an early age of her life. She was very fond of being an actress since her childhood. She did graduation in Chennai and after doing Graduation, She started moving toward acting. She took some classes of acting from a local tutor in Chennai. She connected to many directors as well for work. She face many difficulties at the start of her career but she worked hard to change her luck. She started working in many stage dramas. She performed many roles at the local level. After doing a lot of hard work, She has firstly appeared in the Tamil movies like Thupparivalan and Vaaitha.

These roles became life-changing roles for her. She gains much popularity after doing these two roles. Her demand was increasing day by day as she appeared to be a good actress.

Why did Actress Deepa Aka Pauline Jessica do suicide?

Actress Deepa Aka whose real name was Pauline Jessica Committed suicide due to being failed in a relationship. She was found hanging in Chennai on 18 September 2022 early in the morning by one of her friends. Her friend informs her brother and the police.

After doing some legal checking and reports by Police, It was said by police that Actress Deepa Aka Pauline Jessica does suicide and she also left a dairy behind in which she shares that ” She loves someone and she also expresses her feelings to him. He rejected her and there is no one in her life to supporting her. She did not like life anymore so she is doing this.”

So the diary with this note confirmed that the main reason for her suicide was being failed in a relationship. But After Actress Deepa Aka Pauline Jessica does suicide, it will bring many changes in society and also bring many changes in the Tamil movie industry. If someone hurts or disturbs her in her whole life, they will also feel shame after this.

This is a very sad act and we should not give it hype so many students that are daily facing pressure and burden from educational institutes can feel relaxed.

Actress Deepa Aka Pauline Jessica Suicide News

This suicide news was separate like a fire in the Tamil movie industry and everybody is feeling shame due to not supporting her. As this also leads her to suicide. This is very sad news for her fans and family, especially for the Tamil movie industry for losing a very talented and hard work actress. May they can get over it as soon as possible. This is a personal Prayer by the whole team of Sipla TV.

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